Perfect Pressure Cooker 22Cm 6.5Ltr

Perfect Pressure Cooker 22Cm 6.5Ltr

Style Number: MJ - WP9370


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Hot meals quickly is just what you need in winter and the WMF Perfect pressure cookers make this happen, they are exceptional top quality products due to their advanced technology, their intelligence is in the handle, they are not only extremely easy and safe to use, as a result of tried and tested design and technology, they are suitable for induction, are also very simple to clean and are made from polished Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10. 

• Made in Germany - Premium quality

• Scaling on the inside makes measuring amounts easier. 

• Colour coded doneness indicator. 

• 2 fixed adjustable cooking settings (110°C/119°C). 

• Removable lid handle for simple and easy cleaning. 

• Maintenance-free valve system.

• Material: Cromargan Stainless steel rust-free 18/10 polished

• Suitable for all stove types, including induction