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Donation target: 100,000 Airpoints Dollars
Donations raised: 45,980 (46.0% of target)

KidsCan gives Kiwi kids living in hardship better education opportunities, by helping with the essentials.

KidsCan puts Kiwi kids in the best position to learn. By giving children living in hardship healthy food, essential clothing and health products, they level the playing field. Instead of feeling cold or hungry, kids can focus on learning. They deliver their programmes nationwide, through decile 1-4 schools and early childhood centres.

COVID-19 has hit KidsCan hard. It has meant the cancellation of major fundraising events and campaigns, leaving KidsCan less resources to do its work. At the same time, COVID-19 has created financial hardship, leading to more demand for its Food, Health and Clothing programmes.

KidsCan will prioritise your Airpoints Dollars to provide food and to help distribute their programmes to kids in need around the country. Their Food Programme has already seen an increase in demand of 10,000 extra kids a day. That’s a 28% increase, which KidsCan is desperately trying to meet.

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