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New Zealand Red Cross

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Donation target: 100,000 Airpoints Dollars
Donations raised: 29,350 (29.3% of target)

New Zealand Red Cross is part of the world’s largest humanitarian movement. They’re best known for looking after Kiwis during and after a disaster. Red Cross has been part of the fabric of New Zealand society for more than a century.

With a 500+ team and more than 11,000 volunteers they help New Zealanders every day in many different ways, including delivering Meals on Wheels to people in need across 33 locations and supporting former refugees as they build new lives in New Zealand. They keep Kiwis resilient and prepared for natural disasters and support them during and after disasters. Red Cross First Aid provides training and products to make households, workplaces and communities safer.  A network of 50 Red Cross Shops provide good quality, pre-loved clothing and household items across the country. New Zealand Red Cross support extends beyond our shores, working closely with our Pacific neighbours and deploying international delegates to the Pacific and further afield, responding to major humanitarian crises.

Now your Airports Dollars can help support the iconic Red Cross Parcels. These morale-boosting care packages will support some of the most vulnerable members of our communities with practical items, treats, winter warmth and resources to help with wellbeing. Your Airport Dollars will go into Red Cross Parcels as gift cards for groceries, fuel and DIY projects.

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