Cast Iron Rectangular Grill
Le Creuset

Cast Iron Rectangular Grill

Style Number: CastIronRecGrill


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Excellent for lower fat cooking, the Le Creuset Grill recreates the delicious seared flavour of sizzled meat, vegetables or fish in the kitchen and gives the strength and durability needed for the intense heat a grill produces.

•Ribbed interior with cast iron handles
•32.5cm x 22cm
•Made in France, since 1925
•Can be used ‘on the hob’, ‘under the grill’ and ‘in the oven’.
•Suitable for all heat sources including Induction.
•Only use medium and low heat settings. Once the pan is hot, a lower temperature will often maintain a correct level of heat.
•When grilling, far less oil is required – oil can be brushed or sprayed over the cooking surface.
•Over time, the Satin Black surface will build up a patina (this is a brownish-black baked on film produced naturally from the oils used in grilling and in food itself).