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Antipodes Water Still 500ml case of 12

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This superb water comes from a 327m deep pressured aquifer, taking up to 300 years to naturally filter through a substrata of ignimbrite, a fine-grained volcanic rock.

The precious source is located in the rural Bay of Plenty, where Antipodes’ catchment has a population density of less than one person per square kilometre. The source and its environment ensure that the integrity of the natural water are maintained.

Antipodes water is exceptionally pure and needs only a simple microfiltration before bottling. No sterilisation, no additives, no industrial cleansing and processing.

Antipodes has subtle minerality (TDS 130mg/l) and a pH level of 7: being neutral, this affords antipodes its unique clean and subtle taste. With much of this light minerality composed of silica, our water offers almost imperceptible flavour and a gentle, silky texture on the palate.

Antipodes is the only water in the world to be carbonNZero certified and formally acknowledged by the United Nations for its environmental responsibility. Everything about Antipodes from the construction of the plant, to the packaging, bottling and shipping has been planned to ensure it arrives at your table without leaving an environmental footprint behind.

We bottle only Antipodes at our source – nothing more and nothing less.

Drink Chilled. Drink Often. Live Well.


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