Airpoints™ Flexipay

Ready to make a purchase from the Airpoints™ Store?


If you’d like to pay for your item(s) with a mix of Airpoints™ Dollars and cash, it’s easy to do so with Airpoints™ Flexipay. Just follow these steps.




  1. Sign in to your Airpoints™ account.


  1. Once you’ve added your item(s) to your cart, click on the trolley icon in the menu to start the checkout process.

  1. Proceed through the checkout flow as normal, confirming your item(s) on the ‘Your cart’ page and your delivery details on the ‘Delivery’ page.


  1. You’ll see the Airpoints Flexipay payment method on the ‘Review and pay’ page when you select the ‘Airpoints™ Flexipay’ payment option.

  1. Move the slider to adjust the amount of Airpoints Dollars you’d like to use for payment or enter an Airpoints Dollar amount in the given range.


  1. Based on the Airpoints Dollar amount you’ve chosen, we’ll calculate the amount you’ll pay in Airpoints Dollars and by cash*. You’ll see this breakdown on the screen so you can adjust the payment ratios exactly the way you want it.


  1. When you’re happy with the Airpoints Dollars and cash amount you’ll pay, simply click the ‘Pay now’ button to confirm your order. That’s it!


  1. Your order is now complete, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.


For more information, please refer to the Airpoints Flexipay Frequently Asked Questions and the Airpoints Flexipay terms and conditions.



* Note: Due to the impact of mixing payment types, a Flexipay fee charged in Airpoints Dollars will apply. The Flexipay fee only applies when the order is paid using a mix of Airpoints Dollars and credit card and will be 10% of the Airpoints Dollars value used for payment. The Flexipay fee is not applied if the sum of Airpoints Dollars Only items equals the Airpoints Dollars amount selected. Credit card fees will only apply if the order is paid in full by credit card. GST will only apply to the credit card portion of payment on applicable items, and will also apply to the credit card fee.