Old Fashioned Shave Cream and Face Cleaner
Triumph and Disaster

Old Fashioned Shave Cream and Face Cleaner

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Triumph and Disaster are a modern-day Apothecary and Skincare foundry that prides itself on delivering products built from the pillars of ritual, character and fate.

Triumph & Disaster Shave Cream delivers a great shave without the any of the nasties we now frown upon. Unique aromas of old school medicinal notes, bright, fresh citrus tones and a hint of Turkish barbershop at the back end, evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia befitting a gentleman's morning ritual. Formulated to work without drying or irritation for even the most sensitive of hides, 'Ritual' exploits the healing benefits of Tamanu and Peppermint oils to gently exfoliate and cleanse, leaving you feeling fresh and looking bright.