Pet Bean

Pet Bean

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Indoor/outdoor use - strong & durable so claws and paws won't damage it, plus water resistant so wet dogs don't worry itAlthough water resistant we do recommend it is stored and kept out of rainAll bags come with liner so outer cover can be easily spot cleaned or washedAll bags come unfilled in black box with information slip on filling and care


  • Requires approximately 60-70L of Bean Filler
  • Dimensions (unfilled) - 69cm x 91cm (filled) - 58.5cm x 68cm


  • Requires approximately 80-90L of Bean Filler
  • Dimensions (unfilled) - 97cm x 122cm (filled) - 85cm x 90cm

Extra Large

  • Requires approximately 150L of Bean Filler
  • dimensions - 105cm x 137cm