Organic Botanicals Fire & Ice tea bags in tin

Organic Botanicals Fire & Ice tea bags in tin

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Zealong?s Fire & Ice botanical blend brings New Zealand tea together with the finest herbs and spices from around the world. A smooth contrast of flavours: black tea, ginger and Manuka bring underlying warmth and spice while spearmint and peppermint offer fresh complexities. The unique blend of Manuka, black tea, mint and ginger promote good health with its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Teas are packaged into compostable pyramid tea bags and can be infused multiple times to deliver an exceptional taste experience.
Widely regarded as a Waikato icon, Zealong Tea Estate is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing 100% certified organic international award-winning teas.
Zealong tea is carefully handpicked with just the top three leaves and is harvested three times a year for the first 20 days of each harvest. Ethical production methods and sustainability together with New Zealand?s fertile soils, warming sun, and cleansing waters, are the ingredients that bring distinction to the Zealong brand.