HC-800E Noise Cancelling Headphones

HC-800E Noise Cancelling Headphones

Style Number: RP-HC800E-K


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The RP-HC800E headphones use the newest noise cancelling technology to reduce environmental noise that can disturb and ruin the enjoyment of music. The RP-HC800E lets you enjoy your favourite music without surrounding noise even when you are travelling in an airplane, train or bus.

  • Noise Cancelling: The RP-HC800E's improved feedback cancelling technology achieves superb noise cancelling performance over a wide frequency range. The built-in high-performance microphone in the housing detects environmental noise in the mid-to-low-frequency range and feeds back a reverse-phase sound wave to significantly lower the noise. 
  • Comfortable Fit: Feel the outstanding comfort of this wide, great fitting headband and soft pad.The ear pads apply slight pressure to the earlobes for maximum comfort. 
  • High-Quality Sound: The RP-HC800E headphones produce powerful sound and bass with 40-mm driver units. They give you a true to life sound field with realistic bass and clear mid-to-high frequency sounds.  
  • Detachable Audio Cord: The 1.5m/4.9 ft. cord can be detached so the headphones can be stowed away compactly making it convenient to carry around. 
  • Swivel Mechanism for Convenient Storage: The housings turn 90 degrees and allow the headphones to be folded flat for compact storage. 
  • Carrying Case: The supplied carrying case helps maintain the shape of the headphones even when they are packed in a bag or suitcase, and protects the headphones from impacts.