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Scrawl is a game that is all about terrible drawings and ridiculous guesses. 

Each player is given a clipboard and paper, and a very questionable Scenario Card (“Octopus Mating Season”, for example).  They're asked to do their best at illustrating their scenario before passing it to the player on their left. This player, having no idea what the original Scenario was, clips another page over the drawing and attempts to describe the picture underneath. The clipboards are then passed along once more, with the next player attempting to illustrate the new description in front of them. 

This continues until each of the clipboards have returned to their original owners. Once the contents of the clipboards are displayed for all to see, players vote for their favourites in a run (the most grins wins!) 

Scrawl is the fun party game for 2-8 players, ages 17 and up.