Cutlery Block 5 Knives

Cutlery Block 5 Knives

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This hexagonal cutlery block is made of beechwood and contains 5 useful knives. All blades are made of high carbon, no-stain steel and have a textured anti-slip handle with a laser-tested cutting angle that guarantees high edge retention.


8cm Paring Knife with straight edge – A small handy knife is perfect for finely chopping, preparing and decoratively cutting fruit and vegetables

11cm Tomato Knife – Great all-purpose knife with scalloped edge that is great for slicing tomatoes, bagels etc without crushing the food

12cm Carving Knife - for carving fruit and vegetables

18cm Carving Knife – This carving knife produces a smooth, clean cut. It is suitable for roasts and meats

18cm Bread Knife – Slices evenly and safely through breads and rolls

Lifetime warranty on all material and manufacturing faults.